Electronic Music

I like electronic music.  Unlike most things in my life, I can actually pinpoint the exact moment when it happened… and that moment was in 2011 while driving to a river rafting/camping trip with this guy (my friend Gavin):

Now Gavin is one of those guys who I would say is really into music.  He is also the type of guy who can install a bangin’ car audio system by himself.  So combine some very good (and loud) speakers, a long car ride and Gavin’s ipod, and I’m going to hear a lot of music I’ve never really heard before.  These two songs in particular came on several times:

Whatever it was about those songs that drew me in I can’t really put my finger on, but I was hooked.  Further musical exploration, plus going to Burning Man later that year, really sealed the deal.  So, why I am I talking about this in a blog about my travels?  Because I found out while staying in New York that my friend Bob just started listening to electronic music three weeks before I arrived (literally).  We quickly agreed that we should go to a show if anyone good was playing in NYC that weekend.  And of course, it being New York City, several good acts were in town.  Given our plans already, the only one that worked out was Rusko, who was playing Sunday night.  The show was great… very energizing (in fact it took about an hour of watching TV back at Bob’s place to wind down in order to go to sleep).  It was also done by midnight (since it was on Sunday) so Bob didn’t have to suffer too much at work the next day (I, of course, got to sleep in).  From that night… the sound quality is the video is pretty bad (the bass overwhelms my camera’s mike, so it just sounds like static…use your imagination and note that every bass hit from the speakers would make you shake a bit):

Just in case you’re interested, here’s a couple more Rusko songs:


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