New York City

My first stop, after a lovely visit with my parents, was the exotic locale of New York City.  I’ve actually been here quite a few times so I wasn’t planning on doing anything touristy… just seeing my friends, enjoying not working and continuing to do some of the items necessary to travel around the world for an indefinite period of time.  My friend Bob was nice enough to put me up in his apartment for a week and a half, which was pretty nice considering this is the view from his place:

The only downsides were that the air conditioning in his apartment was broken (it was just starting to get hot and humid) and I was sleeping on a leather couch… I’m sure you can imagine the sounds made every time I tried to roll over in the middle of the night.

Although I’ve been here several times before, every time I visit I remember a couple of reasons why I really enjoy New York.  One is the subway.  It’s not the cheapest, but it goes everywhere, trains run all night and Bob manages to conveniently live (not an accident) within walking distance of one of the several lines that run to JFK.  As an added bonus for a visitor, you get to experience the guys that beg for money on the trains like it was the first time you’ve been panhandled.  I’m sure it would get old with time, as it happened to me basically every third time I rode the train, but hey, that’s the difference between living there and just visiting… the daily annoyances of any place are loveable quirks for visitors.  The only real memorable sales pitch came from a guy “selling” candy… because he made it a point to note that he had Snickers for the white people and peanut M&Ms for the “people of color”.  Please, poll your friends.  Besides the bums, there’s also generally some pretty solid subway entertainers, case in point:

Another thing way up on the list of things I like about New York is Jewish delis.  Bagels with cream cheese and lox are one of my favorite breakfast items.  This place was conveniently located within walking distance of Bob’s place:

My impeccable timing managed to conjure up perfect (hot, but not too hot) weekend weather, which brought out another one of my favorite things… women in sundresses.  I realize that women in sundresses are not particular to New York, but, as always, timing is everything, and it was quite nice that the timing of my visit coincided perfectly with so many decisions in favor of wearing sundresses.  Please except my apologies for the absence of pictures here.


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