The Intial Plan

While still in San Francisco, my main focus was on 1) saving money, and 2) selling most of my things.  In terms of trip preparation…well, let’s just say I’m a procrastinator by nature, so any preparation that may or may not have happened was quite minimal.  I did have a general itinerary in mind, which was quit my job at the beginning of April, then leave for wherever by early May and head out for at least a year.  Sometime around March it dawned on me that I might want to pick an initial destination…good idear right?  I knew that I wanted to spend quite a bit of time in Southeast Asia (I’m fascinated by the region and it’s cheap), but that I didn’t have to go there right away.  After being in San Francisco for nearly a decade, the thing I actually wanted to do most was have a proper summer.  I haven’t had large amounts of sunshine (aside from the occasional vacation) for quite some time and I was due for a Vitamin D infusion (for those of you that don’t know, summers in San Francisco are filled with fog, stiff ocean breezes and heavy coats…yes, I know it’s in California and you wouldn’t have thought it, but believe me, it’s cold).  So, if you had a choice to spend summer anywhere in the world, where would you go?  There are likely an infinite number of correct answers here, but I thought the Mediterranean would be perfect.  Ok, now I had the region down, what did I want to do right away?  The correct answer here is that I wanted to party hard… I thought getting it out of my system right away would allow me to relax a little more in the subsequent months.  Where’s a good place to party hard in the Mediterranean?  That’s right...Ibiza.  Planning…done and done.

Yes, it really was that easy.  I figured that since I would already be in Spain, I should head over to the mainland and enjoy Andalusia for the month of June.  In booking flights to Ibiza, the cheapest way to go went through both New York and London; both places where very good friends of mine live.  So the itinerary basically completed itself: San Diego to see my parents, New York City to see some friends, London to see some friends, Ibiza for 11 days then on to Andalusia for a month beginning June 1st.  And, as I said before… after that?


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