The Other Side of Ibiza

Picture this… you’re at a table for two (with a lovely companion of course)… outside on the patio… a plate of fresh paella is in front of you… your glass is sweating with chilled white wine… you look out towards the horizon and…



(Almost) Gone.

Done.  Finito.  Kaput.  I originally had wanted to go out big for one more night in Ibiza, but I had hit my personal partying wall.  Mission accomplished yes, but I was still going to be in Ibiza for a couple more days.  However, that’s one very lovely thing about Ibiza… when you’re done partying, you wake up and look around… and you’re still on an island in the middle of the Mediterranean.  After sleeping in until about 3 PM on Monday, and then hitting the beach for a bit (and by hitting, I mean napping on), I met up with a lovely young German girl I had met out over the weekend.  Conveniently enough for me (and my own lack of personal planning), not only was she also partied out,  but she’s been coming to the island with her family since she was 5, and offered to show me a couple of cool spots.

First up she says I absolutely must see Cala Conta the next day, which is a beach on the north side of the island.  It was a bit tricky to get there from where we were staying (involving a bus, splitting a cab with a Dutch couple and a fair bit of walking… though, if someday you decide to go, I don’t think it’s necessarily required to split a cab with a Dutch couple), but it was worth it.  The place was…to put it mildly… spectacular.  Picture a… well… let me just link you to the google images search results to give you an idea.  No picture of mine quite did it justice.  Now, the thing about Cala Conta, and the real reason we went there in the first place, is that it faces west (for those for whom that statement doesn’t make sense, just look at the pictures above to figure why facing west is important here).  The icing on the cake was that there’s actually a nice little restaurant located on top of cliffs (where she knows the owners because they’re German), which is where the above scene unfolded… one more time for fun:

Life is good sometimes…really good.

My new favorite fraulein showed me a couple of other spots over the time we spent together, where to get the best mojito on the island, the best plaza for people watching, a jazz club (surprisingly fun) and another (not quite as) spectacular beach.  She left two days before I did… and I spent my remaining time just relaxing with other various folks I had met while looking forward to heading to Andalusia.  Some other shots:

Figueritas Beach… a 10 minute walk from where I was staying.

Playa d’en Bossa… where all the daytime/beach clubbing happens.

Salinas Beach… the most popular beach near Ibiza Town.

Cafes lining the main plaza of Ibiza Town.

View of Ibiza Town from the castle on my last night.


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