Women of Ibiza – And a Public Service Announcement

One of the interesting general trends I found in the women of Ibiza was that the vast majority of them looked about 5 years older than what I thought their actual age would be.  This was consistent across the board, and held true with virtually every single woman I spoke with, from random chicks on the beach or out, to the girls staying at the same place as myself and their friends.  If the conversation turned that way, I’d have a number in my head, and every single time the actual age of the girl would turn out to be about 5 years younger than I thought (maybe 3 years if the girl was particularly young – i.e. actual age of 18-24ish).  And every single time I’d still be surprised.  One particularly good moment:

I pass two (inebriated, but not wasted) girls walking through Ibiza Town at about 2 AM.  I lock eyes with one of them.  Girl #1 (in a London accent): “Hey…It’s my birthday…Woooo!”.  Girl #2 (in same accent): “It’s my friend’s Birthday…Woooo! (more simultaneous wooing from Girl #1)”.  I look the birthday girl over, then I say: “Cool… 25 again right”.  Both draws drop and a moment of silence ensues… oops?  Then Birthday Girl says: “No… I just turned 24”.  I laugh… and then ask to inspect her papers to prove it.  They both act offended for a second, but then ask me what I’m up to right then (as I try to re-adjust my female-age-guessing-apparatus… again). Aaaaaand scene.

I was wondering about this phenomenon when the Croatian girl staying in the same place as myself asked to join me in going down to the beach.  We headed out at around 2 in the afternoon, found a nice spot nearby and posted up on our towels.  Now, at 2 in the afternoon in Ibiza, even at the end of May, the sun is brutally hot.  This girl strips down to her bikini bottom (did I mention I love Spanish beaches?), takes off her sunglasses and plops down on the towel face up… no sunscreen, no oil, nothing… and I start to connect the dots.  We get to talking as she speaks english.  She’s already pretty tan, but wants to look good for work tomorrow (she just landed a job as a dancer in one of the clubs for the season).  Of course, I’ve got a number in my head.  She’s definitely younger than I am, and I’m thinking late 20’s… turns out she just turned 25.  I, again, readjust my still out of alignment female-age-guessing-apparatus.

Now, the thing about Ibiza is that people definitely come here to party, and even the folks that work here for the season are here to enjoy that type of lifestyle.  So I’m sure there are certain lifestyle factors that play into my above observations… but mainly, I think it’s just the sun.  So  people, please… take this as a public service announcement from me based on my observations of the long-term effects here… wear your sunscreen… at least on your face.


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