Africa… A Little Help Por Favor

I’m contemplating going to Africa in a week or two.  I know it’s a really, really large place and there are a million things to see and do… so does anyone out there have any suggestions on places to go, or friends that may be living/traveling there that you could put me touch with?  Any help would be appreciated.  Just post in the comments or shoot me an e-mail… Thank you.





8 thoughts on “Africa… A Little Help Por Favor

  1. Richard, I spent a month there on Safari, South Africa, Zambia/Zimbabawe, Malawi, Tanzania & Kenya. Will shoot you an email with tips and ideas. Trip of a lifetime!

  2. Dearest Richard, I have a cousin in Nairobi Kenya, his name is Henry Reguindin, his wife’s name is Pamela. They would love to have you visit them in Kenya. They have a big house. They love company. They invite you to get in touch with them. They have a guesthouse. They frequently entertain visitors. Pamela is excellent at returning and responding to emails she works for the Library of Congress. Right now they are in San Diego but will be returning to Africa next Tuesday. Get in touch with them and keep up your excellent blog. I so enjoy it. Love Marilyn

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  3. I would be mad Jealous if you hiked Kilamanjaro. I have read about it and there is no technical climbing involved. Then you can mark off one of the Seven Summits. Also if you take a doobie with, you can realistically claim that on that day you were the highest man in Africa.

    • Prepare to be jealous as that’s one thing definitely on the itinerary… and sagely practical advice on what to bring… the “Highest Man in Africa on X/XX/XX” actually sounds like a good resume line-item for my someday future job.

      • I was sharing some Richarding stories with a co-worker and she told me that her brother runs a company that can help you out with a guide for Kilamanjaro. My co-workers name is Sarah Huizenga and her Brothers name is David Hanley. She said she will let him know that you may contact him.

        I also hope the Pyramids among other historical sites in Egypt are on the agenda, Victoria Falls, Cape Town, Madagascar not just because its fund to say but because it looks awesome!

  4. Hi Richard-
    I did some work at a school in Tanzania, in the village of Olevolos. They would love to have help and I am sure you would enjoy your time with the kids. Let me know if you want the contact info. Love looking at all of your pictures! Take care!
    Dan and Katie Farley

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