Happy Thanksgiving

From Zanzibar:

I’ll post some better pictures when I get a chance as I just snapped these on the quick.

Let’s see… in the last 24 hours I’ve come face to face with a colobus monkey, held a sea turtle, been stopped by the cops 5 times while driving, gone skinny dipping with numerous strangers at a pool party, accidentally ran out on a bar tab, met a very lovely british midwife, paid a… ahem… “fine”… ahem, to avoid being taken to the police station during one of the above police interactions and have seen more corona commercial-esque tropical beaches than I may be able to remember… I think I really kinda like this place.

Enjoy some turkey for me.

Updated photos… maybe not exactly better, but more:

I didn’t get any pictures when I was over on the east side of the island (Zanzibar is a small island off the coast of Tanzania) in a town called Paje… but I think that side was actually more picturesque than the northern tip, which is where the above photos are from.  It was something about the long straight beach and the tall skinny palm trees (and maybe the fact that you could walk out about half a mile from the beach in waist deep water), but I’ll let google images come up with better photos than I take.


3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Had to look up colobus monkey. Wikipedia entry fascinating: stump thumb, old Mormon marriages, born white then turn black…and a few others including notoriously messy eating habits. Cool.

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