The Other Side of The World

A couple of nights ago I was eating dinner at the Mbalamwezi Beach Club in Dar Es Salaam (yes, they have beaches here)… I’m in transit here for a bit as I’m waiting to get my visa to go to India from Dar’s Indian High Commission Office.  Anyhow, down on the beach this place had one of the signs with markers showing how far away certain cities were from here and in what direction, and I saw this one:

IMAG0593Now 12,454 kilometers is about 7,700 miles, which means it’s about 10,000 miles or so from California to here… which struck me a something really quite insane for a moment.  I guess it’s because I’ve been moving relatively slowly on this trip, also that I still feel connected with a lot of people via the power of the internet and that I haven’t had to make one large trip to get to where I am now (it took my friends Shayne and Lauren almost two full days each to make one way trips out this way)… so I’ve really never felt that far away physically.

I started to wonder if I really was on the complete other side of the world once I saw that sign… so the next day I found this:

An antipode map… an antipode is the literally, the spot which corresponds to the complete opposite side of the earth from wherever you are… so if you were to dig a hole straight down from wherever you are right now, straight through the center of the earth and out to the other side… the antipode of wherever you are now is where you would emerge.  So I entered in El Cajon, CA (my hometown for those of you that didn’t know)… and El Cajon’s antipode is a spot in the Indian Ocean, about 1/3 of the way between Madagascar and Australia, and not too much farther south than the southern tip of Madagascar… which is not actually that far away from Tanzania.  So… literally… I am actually, more or less, on the complete opposite side of the world from where I began in May.  Just a crazy thought is all…


4 thoughts on “The Other Side of The World

  1. I didn’t really feel like you were that far away because of skype and the internet, but this makes it seem like you are far, far away.

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