Happy New Year!

Happy new year from Anjuna Beach in Goa.  The last two or three days have just been an absolute mess here as this seems to be the place to go for Indians to celebrate the new year.  Everything… hotels, the roads, restaurants, bars, clubs have been jammed full of folks, to the point where I think Christmas Eve and the couple of days/nights around there were more fun for me.  For a bit of added partying, in between X-mas and NYE I managed to squeeze in three days at the Sunburn Music Festival a couple of towns down in Candolim Beach, Goa (for those of you who didn’t know, and believe me, I didn’t either before I got here, Goa is actually the name of the state… the smallest state in Indian, but a state nonetheless, so you do have to narrow it down to town names here).  Sunburn claims to be Asia’s biggest music festival… and it was pretty big… four giant stages spread out over an area just off the beach.  It was all (or primarily) electronic music… and due to noise ordinances, the festival itself shut down at 10 PM every night, whereby everyone would spill out onto the beach and hit up the beach shacks (they’re literally shacks lining the whole mile or so of Candolim Beach), which would play music and have bonfires until about 3 AM or so.  Good times, especially day two, where two of the DJs I saw played really, really good sets (the third day, which featured the main headliners, was just too crowded for me… I spent most of my time at one of the smaller stages).  Sunburn was the 27th, 28th and 29th… I went and stayed down in Condolim Beach for the festival, and afterwards I came back up north to Anjuna Beach for new year’s eve (where I was staying before the festival)… I plan on staying in Anjuna for another couple of days before heading further north to find a quiet place to relax for the next month or two.

I’m sure some of you may wonder how I’m doing this while traveling alone… but when you’re out and about like this you just seem to meet like-minded people.  In my case, I’ve fallen in with a group of two Australians, two Welshmen and an Englishmen that I just ran into randomly while out and about… the two Aussies ended up coming to Sunburn with me, and I even ended up rooming with one of the Welshmen when I came back up to Anjuna for new year’s.  Unfortunately, all but one of the Australians are headed home shortly after NYE (the two Welsh guys had to catch a train at 9 AM new year’s day).  C’est la vie though… I’ll just have to meet some more folks here in Goa.  Some photos:

Last sunset of 2012.

Last sunset of 2012.


Anjuna Beach, packed with folks, circa 11 PM new year’s eve. A photo looking the other direction would look similar… just crazy busy.


The sky beginning to brighten outside the semi-underground club my friends’ and I ended up at new year’s day (at this point)… circa 6:30 AM new year’s day. I managed to make it home and to bed by 10 AM.


Sunset the first night of the Sunburn Music Festival.

One of the stages at Sunburn.

One of the stages at Sunburn.

Another Sunburn shot... my cell phone camera's not too great for night shots.

Another Sunburn shot… my cell phone camera’s not too great for night shots.

Bonfire on Candolim Beach post-Sunburn.

Bonfire on Candolim Beach post-Sunburn.












6 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy 2013 Richard in Goa!!! Your stories are so good and the pictures too. Look forward to more. I wish you good health and joy.

    Sent from my iPhone

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