Burgled in Goa

I am/was staying in a little beach shack in Ashwem Beach in Goa… it’s literally a shack, wooden pole, plywood and reed mat roofs and walls.  And like all of the beach shacks I’ve stayed in so far in Goa, the door is secured by a bolt held in place with an exterior padlock (i.e. the padlock is on the outside of the door).  So… I came home two nights ago to find the padlock busted in half and my door slightly ajar… shyte.  Someone had broken in and stolen pretty much all of my electronics items and a couple of other things.  Bye bye laptop, kindle, ipod, travel speakers and all of the associated cords (no back ups… funny enough, I save a lot of my photos on SD cards, but they were in the bag with all the cords as I never mailed them back) and some other miscellaneous crap as well.  Luckily, I didn’t have much cash in the room ($30 in Rupees more or less) as I was planning to go to the ATM the following day… and the thief was nice enough to leave my passport and cards behind as well (so, it could have been worse).  But that did not make for a fun night… . This place had a security guard, but he was either asleep, incompetent or in on it.  I hit the hay as I was beat and moved places the next morning.  Funny enough, I have been thinking seriously about moving on from Goa, and that same evening I received an e-mail from a college friend about to hit Thailand for 10 days saying to come on down if I was in the neighborhood… so I’m taking the whole evening a sign to move on with a big directional arrow as to where to go next.  I’ve got a one way ticket (but plane tickets between major hubs in this part of the world are pretty cheap), but I’ve got a six-month, multiple entry Indian visa, so I may be back… or maybe I’ll just head straight to Nepal afterwards… who knows?  Getting your stuff stolen sucks… but it’s not the end of the world as it’s just stuff… more annoying than anything… and hey, now I get to go to Thailand.


5 thoughts on “Burgled in Goa

  1. Oh gawd… that always is awful to be burgled. Sorry you had to go through that. The pictures and data that we loose is worse than loosing the gadget itself! 😦

  2. Ugh, that is too bad, sorry to hear you were burgled. At least you weren’t there and didn’t get hurt. Have fun in Thailand! If you can, go to Chiang Mai, you can see elephants, monkeys, etc. and it’s less hectic than Bangkok (which is also cool).

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