Hello, my name is Richard and I have wanderlust.  A “medical professional” informed me that the only known cure for that itch is to scratch it… so I quit my job, sold off almost everything I owned, put the rest in a backpack and headed off with only the vaguest idea of where I’m going or what I’m doing.


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  1. Richard, Merry Christmas! I can’t believe you are on this fabulous adventure! I know you are being safe, but it’s hard for me to imagine you traveling alone. I am excited to be a follower of your blog. Keep the stories coming. I am looking forward to traveling parts of the world I have never seen, through your eyes and experiences.

    Take care of yourself. We wish you a healthy New Year.


    Cousin Caroline and Stephen

    • Merry Christmas to you both as well. Thank you for following my blog. I’ll do my best to keep doing things worthy of writing stories about. Take care.

      • I need to tell my cousins, your mom and dad, that I am following you on your blog. I be they miss you and your sister. Be safe and Happy New Year!
        Cousing Caroline

  2. Hello Richard,
    I have just found your blog here. I was looking for the info about the Camino de Santiago and I found you 🙂 Nice photos and an interesting reading. As I understand you are traveling around… so in case you will come to “my” part of the world (Slovenia) you are wellcome to come over.
    I wish you all the best in your travel!

    • Thank you Suzana, I will definitely let you know if I’m heading toward Slovenia. Are you planning to do the camino? If so, do it, it was amazing.

  3. Please, do let me know 🙂 Yes, I am going to Camino in the beggining of August, just for two weeks – from Astorga to Santiago. I have no time for more. I am looking forward for it…. it will be special experience.

    • The camino is amazing. Do enjoy. One piece of advice, if possible, try booking ahead from O Cebreio onward. That’s where all the Spaniards begin and they will pre-book their beds all the way through to Santiago, so many places will fill up fast. If you can’t, don’t worry, you’ll find a way, it might be a little frustrating is all. The other piece of advice is carry as little as possible. Enjoy and tell me how it went if you like.

  4. Thank you for your advice. I will gladly let you know how it went. Here or somewhere else (mail)? Enjoy in your journey as well.

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